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  33. I have a web page for my business and there is a link to my blog on it, it want to show the blog posts on the webpage not just the link and I can’t figure out how to do it. Any help would be appreciated.

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  37. Right now firefox automatically downloads an mp3 and opens it. I want it to prompt me with the dialog box so I can choose where to save it. I’ve looked in options->downloads->view and edit actions and there is nothing set there that I can change..

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  42. I work for an organization that provides information to members on various topics. If we send a link to copyrighted web content (such as a page on the IBM web site) are we infringing on that content’s copyright? I’m pretty certain we aren’t — if you can point me towards relevant legal precedents, etc. that would be great.. Keep in mind that I’m already pretty certain that we can freely use the URLs. What I really need is legal documentation of that fact, to make our corporate attorney happy. Thanks!.

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